Flowerbox – A perfect gift

The trendsetting box which has a huge popularity all over the world, is now
available in European florist supplies as well – the sophisticated decoration of
interiors and the embodiment of the perfect gift now starts its conquering

Flowerbox is versatile, elegant and affable. Each box is a work of art, where –
thanks to the translucent surfaces – the flowers are visible from all sides. It can
make any occasion unforgettable. It not only keeps the memories of the
celebrations long, but also the freshness and beauty of the flowers placed in it,
so it is a unique product for florists as well.

Thanks to the help elements in the box, the flowers can be placed easily and in
a variety of ways, as well as they keep the original shape of the composition.
Using this box you can assure long lasting freshness up to 2 weeks for the
flowers, whether these are roses, tulips or ranunculus. It is also a product of
great practicality: easy to transport, not fragile. It closes securely so even by
moving or transporting the box the flowers in it cannot move and the water
cannot run out.

Its unique look and exclusivity can be enhanced by the own stylish logo of the
florists, so the Flowerbox also provides a special tool for self-promotion.
This high quality product is foremost in Europe made in Hungary to supply the
European market in a quick and creditable way.

In this moment we produce 3 sizes of boxes:

For 3*3 pieces (15*15*15 cm), for 4*4 pieces (15*20*20 cm) and for 1 piece (15*9 cm).


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